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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Litany of Compassion for the Sick

We pray with special love and concern for all those who are ill or infirm, asking the Lord for his consoling grace to strengthen the sick in times of trial.

Response (R): Lord, be close and give your comfort.

When pain or distress is overwhelming: (R)

When the healing process goes slower than hoped: (R)

When terrified by treatments or therapy: (R)

When it's hard to let go of long-held plans: (R)

When the feeling of alienation rises: (R)

When worn out and weary: (R)

When troubled by impatience and negativity: (R)

When loneliness adds to anxiety: (R)

When sickness makes it difficult to communicate: (R)

When discouragement or despondency sets in: (R)

When fear makes it impossible to face the future: (R)

When the ravages of disease attack self-esteem: (R)

When anger and resentment assail: (R)

When beset by worry or fretfulness: (R)

When it's hard to rely on others for care: (R)

When envy arises towards those who are healthy: (R)

When pessimism or cynicism holds sway: (R)

When anguish is intensified by the need for reconciliation: (R)

When sickness is mistaken for punishment: (R)

When loved ones are far away: (R)

When sickness causes financial hardship that leads to worry or despair: (R)

When afflicted by the feelings of nothing to hope for: (R)

When weakness makes it impossible even to think: (R)

When friends draw back fearful of disease: (R)

When illness makes those who are suffering moody or irritable: (R)

When haunted by regret and the shame of past sins: (R)

When it's difficult to sleep: (R)

When there's loss of appetite: (R)

When there's resistance to necessary change: (R)

When tempted by denial: (R)

When nobody seems to understand: (R)

When bound to home or when restricted in movement: (R)

When listlessness and apathy threaten: (R)

When medication seems to make things worse: (R)

When all that's needed is a caring touch: (R)

When it's impossible to maintain familiar routines: (R)

When it's hard to find the strength to go on: (R)

When it becomes difficult to pray: (R)

When suffering of any sort becomes hard to bear: (R)

When death draws near: (R)

Our Father...

Most merciful Father, your beloved Son showed special compassion to lepers, tenderness to those long sick, and healing to the infirm laid before him.  We place before you all those who are ill and in need of healing grace. May the love and mercy of the Divine Physician raise up all who suffer from sickness and restore them to health and peace. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

(Composed by Fr Peter John Cameron, OP)

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