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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slow Me Down, Oh Lord

My Lord, My God
How I long to be with Thee
With You, I feel peace
With You I feel content and relief

I want to spend more time with You
But I always find it hard to do
I’ve got too many things on my mind
Never stopping, rest is hard to find

Slow me down oh Lord
Direct me to things that matter most
Help me feel You night and day
Increase my awareness of You all day

Please never allow me to wander away from You
Hold me close, never let me go
Even when my mind is consumed with so many things
Please know You’re in me, in my deepest being

Please forgive my shortcomings
And know that I desire to serve You more
Please lead me in everything I do
Allow me to honor You.

I love You Lord.

( A call to God by Anabelle Payod - Balla )

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